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"Spirit of the Dead" by Edgar Allan Poe.

By the lake thy soul shall find itself alone,
By the lake, in solitude of secrecy
Be silent, Be still
The day, though bright shall fall,
By the lake, escape the confining cotton,
Let us dance!
By the lake, loneliness laughs at freed limbs,
Listen, ripples swarmed round the hot breath
A whisper, the wood's cracked finger tips heard
By the lake, stillness at a pause
Let us sing,
By the lake, thy soul shall freeze in fright,
Not fear, but a pleasure my dear
By the lake, close your sight
The day, though bright shall fall
By the lake, the moss murmurs last night's end,
The day, though bright shall fall,
In darkness She sees
Let us watch.


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outfit for autumn

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